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NBD makes 6th annual contribution to PSFH


National Bank of Dominica Ltd., a founding member of the Private Sector Foundation for Health (PSFH), made its 6th annual contribution to the organization.

NBD reaffirmed its partnership with the foundation by donating $50,000 towards the purchase of equipment and drugs for the hospital, and has committed itself to continuously donate a minimum of $50,000 to the area of health.

“Through the PSFH we are confident that we can make an impact on the future of healthcare delivery in Dominica”, commented Verieux Mourillon, Executive Manager for Human Resource and Organizational Development at NBD. “With the provision of much needed drugs and equipment, patients will be assured of receiving the care that they need. As a leading bank in Dominica, we are proud to support the efforts of the PSFH and we are ready to give back to our customers.”

NBD is a founding member of the PSFH which was launched in 2005. Since that time, the bank has made an annual donation on $50,000 to the organization. “ We are pleased to have the support of NBD, and look forward to a continued relationship between the bank and the Foundation” a representative for PFSH said.

Contributors to the PSFH are Jolly’s Pharmacy, Campbell’s Business System, Josephine Gabriel & Co. Ltd, HHV Whitchurch & Co., Griffon Bank, National Bank of Dominica ltd., Jay’s Book Store, Auto Trade Ltd., DOMLEC, Valley Engineering Sales and Services, The Beacon Insurance Company Ltd., K.P.B Chartered Accountants, Digicel, Archipelago Trading, and Edgehill Fortune Assoc.


Private donations to PSFH can be made to NBD account # 115003458.