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Certificate of Deposits (CDs) are a great option for investment. They provide flexible investment terms at high
rate of returns.


  • Can be used for investments or as collateral for loans or overdrafts
  • Premium interest rates are guaranteed and paid at maturity.
  • Interest rate increases as deposit amount and deposit period increases.
  • In the absence of renewal instructions, the deposit will be renewed automatically.
  • All or part of the interest can be withdrawn after renewal without affecting the deposit.


  • Minimum Deposit- EC$5000
  • Closure - Although CD’s are for a set length of time, they can be cashed in early, however, interest will be paid at a rate of 3%.
  • Certificate is presented to the customer upon opening the account.


      Interest rates on CD are dependent on term and amount. Rates are determined by the Bank. The term can be from 6 months to 36 months.

      • 12 Months = 3.00% for $5k - 500k, 3.25% for $500k - 1M, 3.25% for Above 1M
      • 24 Months = 3.00% for $5k - 500k, 3.25% for $500k - 1M, 3.25% for Above 1M
      • 36 Months = 3.25% for $5k - 500k, 3.50% for $500k - 1M, 3.50% for Above 1M
      • 60 Months = 3.25% for $5k - 500k, 3.50% for $500k - 1M, 3.50% for Above 1M
      • Above 60   = 3.50% for $5k - 500k, 3.75% for $500K- 1M, 3.75% for Above 1M

      * Rates are provided for information purposes only and are subject to change.

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