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The following are NBD’s foreign correspondent banks for international wire transfers and drafts:

USA Bank of America BOFAUS3N
UK Lloyds Bank LOYDGB2L
Canada Bank of America NA BOFACATT
Antigua Antigua Commercial Bank ANCBAGAG
Barbados Barbados National Bank BNBABBBB
Martinique and Guadeloupe Banque Franciase Commerciale Antilles BFECGPGX
Grenada Republic Bank of Grenada NCBGGDGD
Jamaica RBTT Jamaica SAJAJMKN
St.Kitts St. Kitts Natinal Bank KNANKNSK
St.Lucia Bank of St.Lucia Ltd BOSLLCLC
St.Vincent Nation Bank of St.Vincent NCBVVC22
Trinidad and Tobago Republic bank of Trinidad and Tobago RBNKTTPX
First Citizens Bank FCTTTTPS

Incoming Transfers

Funds can be sent from your bank via one of the correspondent banks, listed above, to National Bank of Dominica Ltd., -

You will need to provide your bank with the following information:

NBD Swift code: NCDMDMDM

Your Name and NBD Account Number

Outgoing Transfers

Transfers from Dominica are routed through one of the corresponding banks listed above, to your requested beneficiary bank. The following information should be presented to NBD in order to complete your transfer:

  • The Routing, ABA, Swift, Sort Code or Transit number of the beneficiary bank.
  • The account number and name of the person you are transferring the funds to.
*Transfers are processed within 24 hours.

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