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National Bank of Dominica Ltd.

National Bank of Dominica Ltd.

Building Sportsmanship in Youth

Investing in Dominica’s youth has always been at the forefront of NBDs outreach programmes. The National Bank of Dominica Ltd.  is focused on nurturing youth development, particularly in the area of sports.

NBD partnered with the Ministry of Youth, Sports, Culture and Constituency Empowerment in 2008 to host the first island-wide NBD Primary Schools Football Championship. The interest in this venture sparked from the need for more organization in football leagues at the primary school level.

The championship started with 20 participating schools and has grown to over 50 participating schools. Over the years, NBD has contributed over $160,000 towards this championship which has impacted more than 750 boys and girls.

NBD’s Primary Schools Football Championship is held annually, usually during the months of January to March.  It consists of three segments, including the boys’ championship, girls’ championship and district football championship.

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