Globally Accepted

A more secure way to make payments.

Your card is equipped with an embedded chip, which improves security when you make purchases at a chip-enabled terminal. It is not only more secure, it is also easy to use. Your card also has the contactless feature, which is the latest way to pay at the cash register.

It has a new look, featuring the Mastercard or  Visa Card logo, new card number, expiration date and security code.

Our cards are accepted anywhere.  A fast, easy and secure way to pay.

Dip Method

Using your chip card could not be easier. If the merchant has a chip-enabled terminal, simply (dip) insert your card into the machine. Leave your card inserted until the machine informs you to either enter your PIN or remove your card. It is that simple!

Swipe Method

If the merchant does NOT have a chip-enabled terminal, swipe your chip card as you would your old card.

Tap Method

With the contactless feature, simply hold or tap your card against the terminal to complete your transaction. Using the contactless feature is just as secure as dipping at a chip-enabled terminal.

Frequently Asked Questions

NBD’s credit and debit cards now feature an embedded microchip – a small metal square on the front of the card – that improves security when you make transactions at chip-activated terminals.

When you use your card at a chip-activated terminal, the embedded chip generates a one-time use code. This code is virtually impossible to counterfeit and helps to reduce in-store fraud.

You can use your card anywhere Mastercard and Visa Card is accepted, at home or abroad, even if the merchant does not have a chip-activated payment terminal.

Yes. Your card will also have a magnetic strip. If a merchant does not have chip-activated payment terminal, you can continue to swipe your card to pay.

Yes. You can continue to use your card as you do today to get cash, check your balance and more by following the instructions at the ATM. Instead of the magnetic strip, our ATMs will now verify the chip.

It’s easy. If a merchant has a chip-activated payment terminal, simply insert (dip) the microchip end of your card face up into the terminal. To authorize your transaction, enter your PIN. Your card will remain in the terminal until the transaction is completed. If the merchant does not have a chip-activated payment terminal, just swipe your card as you do currently. Transactions made via phone or online will not change.

No. There are no additional fees to use a chip card. Standard ATM and other fees apply.

No. With contactless payment, instead of dipping your chip card into the payment terminal, tap your card against the device. NBD’s debit and credit card will also have contactless capability and can be used at contactlessenabled payment terminals

Look for the contactless symbol on the front or back of the card.

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