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Whether it is a loan to purchase equipment or a business vehicle or for working capital, NBD offers a range of maturities with fixed rates to help you purchase the tools to continue to grow your business.

Need financing to achieve your next level of success?
Get funding for, Equipment, machinery, computers or furniture Company vehicles Business expansions Working Capital.

Consider a cash secured loan

If you already have an NBD CD or savings account or willing to open an account with NBD, you may be able to use it as collateral to secure a business loan, while your money continues to grow.

Unsecured Loans

With no collateral required you can borrow a specific amount and pay back in regular monthly payments. An NBD unsecured loan is a general-purpose loan for customers who need money in a single lump sum and requires no collateral. It may be used for almost any financial need. Maximum amount – $50,000 Approval is based on your credit rating and ongoing relationship with us.

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