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Commercial loans are specific to commercial entities and are used for purchasing of business property,
renovations, equipment replacement, modernizing of plant and debt consolidation.

Interest is charged on a reducing balance basis, therefore, over the term of the loan, as interest decreases,
more of the installment will be applied to the principal and the interest portion will be smaller.


  • Expansion pressures to satisfy demand can be realized without much delay
  • Refinancing is optional
  • Effective servicing of facility establishes a good credit rating thus ensuring future credit opportunities

Features & Information:

  • To qualify, the business, as well as its owners and directors must be in good financial standing.
  • Installments must fall within the debt servicing capacity of the business.
  • Extended to businesses mainly for the purchase of equipment, upgrading, expansion, etc.
  • Standing orders for loan payments can be placed on chequing and savings accounts.

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