It’s the most fraudulent time of the year. Avoid getting scammed during the holidays.

Keep your money safe and your Christmas merry by protecting yourself from two scams that are common during the holiday season – email and text scams.

You can receive an email, text message, or phone call from a fraudster pretending to be from NBD in an effort to trick you out of your hard-earned cash and personal information. STAY ALERT! DON’T FALL FOR IT.

Know how to spot email and text fraudsters

Keep your holiday season jolly by recognizing risks and avoiding scams!

Mobile app scams

In a mobile payment app scam, a fraudster will transfer funds to your account and will try to get you to transfer the funds via a money transfer institution or another account. 

Be cautious when using mobile banking:

  • Payments apps are just like handing cash to someone.
  • Use them to pay friends, family and transactions that you are aware of.
  • Do not send money to someone you don’t know or have never met in person. 
  • Do not fall prey to a request asking you to withdraw funds received on your account.
  • Do not be a MULE. A money mule is someone who transfers or moves illegally acquired money. Acting as a money mule is illegal and punishable, even if you are not aware you are committing a crime.
  • Do n0t use public Wi-Fi.  There is a high chance of being hacked, so it is better to avoid such network for banking transactions.

Recognize phone fraudsters

  • If you receive a phone call out of the blue from someone claiming to be from NBD and asking for your personal information, it is a scam. 
  • There may be some cases where an NBD employee calls you, but we will never threaten you or make you feel pressured about what could happen if you don’t respond quickly. 
  • Do not rely on caller ID. Scammers can “spoof” NBD’s number so it looks like it is legitimate.
  • If it doesn’t feel right, hang up and contact us at 767-255-2300 or WhatsApp 767-265-2300 to ensure you are talking to an NBD employee.

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Know how to spot email and text fraudsters

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