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Credit Experts, welcome to your product page with all the details on current campaigns and associated credit products. The aim of this page is to keep you up to date with our campaigns and the related loan products.  

As you already know, our current  campaign ‘Easy Ways to Fund Your 2022’ will run throughout the year focusing on our personal loan offers such as:

  • Unsecured Loans
  • Credit Cards
  • Home Equity
  • Student Loans
  • Cash Secured Loans 
Additionally, as part of this campaign, a new loan product ‘MoMoney‘ was released. Here’s a quick recap on this product and our goals. 

Introducing 'MoMoney'

Our new unsecured loan offer, MoMoney, was designed for salaried workers with a monthly minimum net income of $1,500, who have been employed for a minimum of two (2) years with their current employer and have maximum debt service ratios of 45% and 55% for non-mortgage and mortgage holders respectively . Clear Harbour Employees and non-established Government Employees must be employed for at least three (3) years to qualify.  As the name implies, MoMoney is meant to help customers achieve their 2022 goals with ‘more money’ for practically any purpose including:

  • Unexpected expenses
  • Debt consolidation 
  • Major purchases (appliances, furniture, etc.)
  • Life events (wedding, honeymoon, having a baby, etc.)

Our overall target is 200 approved loans with a value of $3M. Here are our main objectives. 

Are you ready for 'MoMoney'

It’s time to make those sales and get MoMoney. Here’s a quick recap of the loan details. You must know someone who needs MoMoney. Click each tab for product  details. 

Let's Get 'MoMoney'

Here's How

To ensure the success of this initiative, our response time must be equal to or better than our competitors. We propose to issue disbursement within 24 hours of an application. The timelines on our loan process are as follows:

  1. Customer submits application with required documents
  2. Officer immediately confirms eligibility 
  3. File sent to Underwriting within 30 minutes of customer interview
  4. Proposal prepared  and approved within 2 hours of receiving the file 
  5. Collateral documents must be obtained within 1 hour of receiving the approved file 
  6. Customer is contacted within 30 minutes of receiving collateral documents 

Everyone Wants 'MoMoney'

Here's Why

It’s a simple loan to meet any personal need that requires no collateral and is quick and easy to get.  

We've got some Competition

But MoMoney is always better

Click each tab to see what our competitors are offering but  MoMoney is always better. 

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Daily Rates

12 to 24 Month CD $5,000 to $500,000: 2.05% Above $500,000: 2.05%
36 to 48 Month CD $5,000 to $500,000: 2.10% Above $500,000: 2.25%
Savings  2.0%

Updated October 22ND 2019










* Rates are provided for information purposes only and are subject to change.

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