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NBD, Giving Back to Communities This Holiday Season.

Joy, support, warmth, and togetherness are just a few of the ways in which NBD touched lives in twelve communities and three institutions this Christmas season. 

The Bank’s giving spirit began with its various departments identifying families in need and surprising them with an act of kindness. Thirteen families were presented with grocery hampers during the season. The recipients were touched by NBD’s thoughtfulness and grateful to NBD’s staff in their communities for recognizing their need and selecting them to receive a hamper 

The Bank also held its annual Children’s Christmas Party, this time, for the students and staff of the Salisbury Government School, where they all came together for a fun-filled afternoon. The children were delighted with games and entertainment by NBD’s mascot, Tiko, the frog, and burst into peals of joy when Santa made his appearance. The children and teachers were presented with gifts, while a cash donation was made to the school. The principal of the school, Mr. Harry Langlais, thanked NBD for selecting the school as the recipient of its generosity this Christmas and assured the Bank that the money will go a long way in helping to purchase supplies for the school. 

On Sunday, 23rd, the staff of the NBD came together to host the residents of Operation Youth Quake and Chances to a luncheon. The staff prepared and served lunch to the children at the Bank’s location in Canefield. The NBD team had the distinct pleasure of sharing a gratifying afternoon with the children. 

Mr. Ellingworth Edwards lauded the NBD staff for their contribution and commitment to enriching the lives of individuals during the holiday season. “At NBD, we consider the Christmas season to be all about giving back and showing generosity and compassion to those in need,” commented Mr. Edwards. “On behalf of The Board of Directors, Management and Staff of NBD, I extend Season’s Greetings to all and best wishes for 2019.” 

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Source: National Bank of Dominica Ltd. 

Contact: Suzanne Piper, 255-2655 / [email protected] 

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